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Game features

Challenge yourself in this action-packed battle arena to become the last man standing!

Battle Royale! Up to 50 players.

Play against a horde of online players. All of the games are filled with up to 50 players from around the world, all competing to become the best players in the world!

Play online with your friends.

Queue games solo or as a team of friends. With multiple online capabilities, such as friends, chatting and more, you’ll be sure to find an engaged community around you.

Grab exciting Power-ups!

Triple-bombs, Speed, Invincibility Bubble and MEGA Bombs! Catch more than one of them in order to gain multitudes of more power.

A race against the clock.

Eliminate your foes in time. If the time is neigh, you’ll be pressured by the world as it’s collapsing all around you. Remember, there can only be one winner!

Earn coins & in-game items.

Great players, great fortunes. Beat your foes to grab coins from them. But beware! Others might also want the coins, so be sure to pick them up quickly!

Customize your character!

Dress awesomely, win in style. We’re going to supply monthly or weekly item updates to the game store. Be sure to snag the limited edition cosmetics!

Highscore? Of course!

Be proud! Track your progress. At the end of all games you can see how well you performed, and you can also see who else played in your game.

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